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About Us

What is ON Food?

ON Food is for care about yourself, but may not have the time, energy or knowledge to purchase, prepare and consume the best possible food on a daily basis.  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, make that team or simply want to live your best, ON Food has you covered.

ON Food provides total calorie control and comes in four convenient Daypack options.  ON Food can be stored at room temperature for up to 18 months.  This is accomplished by using the latest “retort” bowl technology, locking in freshness, allowing no oxygen to enter the product.  All meals can be consumed hot or cold. 

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Our Story

I created the concept of ON Food in 2006. 

Six years ago, I found myself at rock bottom.  I was picked up by an ambulance and taken to a hospital in London after playing tennis with the legend, Pat Cash.  Two weeks later I ended up in an ambulance in southern Spain after an afternoon at the gym, and ended up spending three days in a Norwegian hospital. 

I hit rock bottom, had no energy, and no strength. 

After several tests and several opinions, the doctors called it a "burn-out" and I knew I had to make a change.  I had no choice; I was only 39 years old and had to get back in shape. I needed to lose around 25 pounds and build strength, muscle, and improve my cardio and energy levels.

I was very lucky - I got the chance to work out with some of the best fitness professionals in the world and I got into a healthy routine fairly quickly. I learned all about how to use the machines, what to work out when, and how to split the body into different sessions during the week.  I also started to pick up on the importance of nutrition and what you eat. What was really interesting was that the more fit and in shape a person was, the more he or she talked about nutrition. People often said, "it's all about what you eat".

The more I looked into the combination of nutrition and fat-loss or fitness results, the clearer it became: 80% of all fitness results are due to nutrition.  Most shocking, in the context of weight and fat-loss it is almost meaningless to go to the gym unless you have control over your calorie intake. 

I saw people around me, everywhere, trying to work out: walking, hiking, and taking the stairs instead of an elevator. They all had one thing in common: they wanted results. The vast majority of people wanted to lose 10-30 pounds, and gain muscle and energy. They were willing to do almost anything to get results.  The problem was, they did not achieve it because the nutrition aspect was too difficult and complicated.

At that point, I began thinking - if I could make a "no-brainer-food-solution" that all these people could enjoy when they're motivated, they would reach their goals. Thus, the concept of ON Food was born.

I approached my business partner, Henning Fellinghaug, who loved the idea. We decided to give it a shot and created the company ON Food, Inc.