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FAQ / Help

1. Are there any preservatives in your product?

There are NO preservatives in ON Food.

2. Do I have to eat the same food everyday?

If you’re serious about fat loss, there are no shortcuts or alternatives to ON Food on the market. With ON Food, you can eat a variety of our options as long as you stay at the calorie level you need to reach your goals.

3. How do I know what calorie pack is right for me?

On average, a woman burns 1500 calories and a man burns 2000.  (i.e. If you want to loose weight, you have to choose a daypack with a lower calorie number than you burn on average.  For more personalized information use My Calculator)

4. How do I lose fat?

The only way to lose fat is to consume less calories than you burn.

5. How does your food stay fresh for 18 months?

Because ON Food uses the latest technology in food packaging (retort) and no oxygen is in contact with the food before the product is opened.

6. How many calories do I burn per day?

A woman burns on average 1500 calories per day and a man 2000 per day.

7. How many days a week should I eat ON Food?

The more days you stay committed to ON Food, the higher rate of success you will have and the quicker you will reach your goals.  Most of our customers eat ON Food 4-6 days per week.

8. How much weight can I safely lose per week?

1-2 pounds

9. How much weight will I lose by going to the gym 2-3 times per week?

Nothing. The only way to lose weight is to consume less calories than you burn.

10. Is your product high in sodium?

No, the recommended sodium level by FDA and DRI is 2,400mg for an average person.
A woman should have between 1800-2500 mg per day, depending on size and activity level. A man should have between 2400-3000 per day, depending on size and activity level.

11. What happens if I eat other food than ON Food, or in addition to ON Food when I’m on a diet?

Any food you eat in addition to ON Food will increase your overall calorie intake and most likely eliminate the gap you want to create for fat loss.  If you choose to have one day eating other foods, you may not get all your key nutrients and you most likely will lose calorie control.

12. What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss?

Weight loss is a meaningless word created by the industry and includes water and muscle loss.
Fat loss is what people want and the only way to get it is to consume less calories than you burn.

13. What should I drink with ON Food?

We recommend you drink 2-3, 33.8 oz. (one liter), bottles of water.   Keep in mind that most beverages except water has calories.

14. Why will I be more successful with ON Food than on any other diet I have tried?

Because it is so much easier than anything else in the market. It is designed by the leading nutrition and food scientists in the world.  No guess work, preparations or additions needed by you.  What the industry has offered to date has a failure rate of more than 95%.